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We offer Multiple Performance packages for different vehicles. Please see vehicle specific pages or contact us for a quote!

Performance Upgrades- heads/cam/headers/ cold air intakes/ pulleys etc

Custom Tuning via HPTuners (street and dyno)

Fasterproms Cooling modifications for supercharged applications- Thermal reduction plates/expansion tanks

Cylinder Head/Supercharger/Intake Manifold and Throttle Body Porting

Alky Control Methonal Installation

E85 Flex Fuel conversions

Supercharger and Turbo Installation

Fasterproms travels around all of Florida and most of the east coast offering tuning and performance upgrades. Please see our calendar or contact us for a current schedule of stops!

Dyno Tuning

*Price does not include dyno time*
• Optimized A/F both at Part Throttle and Wide Open Throttle
• Timing Adjustment’s Throughout the entire curve for lean best torque
• Fan activation temperature
• Injector size Rescaling
• Gear Ratio Changes
• Idle speed
• Speedometer calibration
• Torque Management removed
• Skip Shift Removed
• Shift points corrected
• (For more modified vehicle VE tuning is mandatory)

Street Tuning

Mail Order Tuning (includes 6 tuning adjustments)

E85 Tuning

$75 additional
Speed Density Tuning

$50 additional
Multi Bar Tuning

$50 additional

LT4 Supercharger and Snout Porting (Includes free throttle body porting)

LS9 Supercharger and Snout Porting (Includes free throttle body porting)

LSA Supercharger and Snout Porting (Includes free throttle body porting)

LS7 Intake Manifold Porting

LS2 Intake Manifold Porting

Throttle Body Porting

FAST Intake Porting

Cylinder Head Porting
Call for Pricing